Agents reassured that klia2 free of nerve agent

Malaysian travel agents expressed their relief when authorities declared klia2 clean of any trace of the VX nerve agent, following a sweep of the airport after the assassination of Kim Jong Nam that has also resulted in a diplomatic row between Malaysia and North Korea.

Ally Bhoonee, executive director at World Avenues Travel & Tours, opined: “Statement and actions taken by the relevant authorities have provided a reassurance to overseas tourists that this airport is free of the toxin. When there is any negative publicity, our overseas clients will enquire about the situation before sending their clients to Malaysia.”

Alex Lee, CEO at Ping Anchorage Travel & Tours, said: “The declaration clears the air of any doubt people may have. The Malaysian authorities did the right thing in carrying out a sweep of the airport and screening it for contamination from hazardous materials.”

The VX nerve agent, a deadly chemical declared by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction, was smeared on Kim’s face on February 13 at the airport, resulting in his death.

Source : TTG Asia

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