Fight crime on the go

The Malaysian police is enlisting the help of an estimated 11 million smartphone owners in the country to reduce crime and alert them of any untoward incidents via a mobile app.

It has launched an app – Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (VSP) – for both Android and Apple devices.

When a smartphone user sees an accident, a criminal act in progress or even a natural disaster like a landslide, he/she can take a real-time photo or video of the incident and send it to the police via the app.

A serial number is then generated for every alert the user sends. The sender also receives an acknowlegement from the police following the submission.

The information is then categorised by state and sent to the respective state police control centre, which will take the appropriate action. This is made possible with a location setting in the app.

According to Datuk Sun Teoh Tia of the Federal Police Crime Prevention and Communication Safety Department the VSP app will enable the public to reach the police faster than a conventional phone call, as is being done now.

To encourage the public to use the app the police assures the identify of the senders will be protected.

The app is a free download at Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (Gamma) website, Apple App Store and Google Play. Users have to pre-register to use the app.

Source : Travel Weekly Asia

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