Malaysia Airlines to launch new passenger service system

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines, through a new passenger service system, will be able to provide travellers more speed and convenience and a sophisticated web booking experience, among others.

The national carrier said in a statement that it had signed “a major deal” with global travel technology leader Amadeus for the system.

“The move to the Amadeus Altéa Suite will be a quantum leap forward for Malaysia Airlines, setting the benchmark for the traveller of the future,” it said.

Amadeus’ Altéa Suite delivers streamlined passenger service solutions including inventory, reservations, passenger self–service check-in, departure control and e-commerce. Navitaire, which was recently acquired by Amadeus, offers agile solutions including the New Skies Reservation System designed to suit the needs of low cost and hybrid carriers. (New Skies has been in operation at Malaysia Airlines’ subsidiary Firefly since 2007.)

“Malaysia Airlines will be able to offer travellers enhanced speed and convenience, a sophisticated web booking experience, state-of-the-art mobile applications and bundled offers to suit individual needs. Passengers can expect a leaner, more agile experience, from booking tickets to pre-purchasing excess baggage, meals and managing loyalty points, all at the click of a button,” it said.

Group chief executive officer Christoph Mueller said, “We are determined to give Malaysia Airlines the technology platform it needs to provide the world’s best services to our customers. The move to Amadeus, underpinned by a groundbreaking continuous release approach to development, will truly put Malaysia Airlines at the leading edge of airline technology globally.”

Amadeus Asia Pacific executive vice-president (airline commercial) Hazem Hussein, said Amadeus was pleased to be chosen  to help the airline optimise its operations and revolutionise the customer experience. By choosing Altéa, Malaysia Airlines will join a strong group of more than 120 forward-thinking airlines that understand the necessity of flexibility and customer centricity that our technology is able to bring to its operations.“

The agreement will also ensure Malaysia Airlines have even greater co-operation with its codeshare partners and within the oneworld alliance, enabling a streamlined customer experience between member airlines.

The transaction is expected to close by the second quarter of 2016.

Source : The Star Online

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