Malaysia’s Mahathir shuts down suggestion of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad rejected suggestions of visa-free entry for Chinese tourists visiting Malaysia while at a dinner in Beijing on August 19, during an official state visit.

Mahathir said that the Malaysian government had no plans to relax restrictions for Chinese tourists now or in the near future, despite his political party, Barisan Nasional previously suggesting the idea while in opposition.

Mahathir is currently on his first state visit to China after being re-elected as Prime Minister of Malaysia in May 2018. During his visit, he negotiated the cancelation of three Chinese infrastructure projects worth over US$22 billion (NT$675.75 billion) due to a corruption scandal.

When addressing a question from the audience, Mahathir said “We are not yet ready at the moment (to waive tourist visa for Chinese tourists),” and hosed down the idea reported The Edge of Malaysia.

According to data from Tourism Malaysia, Chinese tourists to Malaysia totaled 2.28 million in 2017, making up over 18 percent of Malaysia’s total tourism for the year.

Source : Taiwan News

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