Covid-19 - Operational Updates

As at 30 December 2021

Dear Partners,

The previous temporary ban for travellers from the eight high-risk African countries has been lifted. The eight countries were South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

The Malaysian government has now listed 18 countries that have been deemed Omicron high-risk, including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, France, Denmark, India, Canada, and Nigeria, in addition to the eight African countries. Travellers arriving from these countries must be fitted with digital tracking devices throughout their quarantine periods.

Meanwhile, Malaysia and Singapore have recently agreed to suspend the sale of new flight and bus tickets for air and land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) from 23 December 2021 until 20 January 2022 after Singapore identified a COVID-19 cluster due to Omicron probable local transmissions.

However, eligible travellers who have earlier bought tickets will still be allowed to make their trips under this quarantine-free travel scheme.

As of 30 December 2021, Malaysia has fully inoculated 97.6% of its adult population or 78.4% of its total population, with 90.4% of youth aged between 12 and 17, received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines.

As at 16 November 2021

Dear Partners,

We have the latest important information on Malaysia on the Travel Bubble to Langkawi Island. This information / Standard Operations Procedure (SOPs) was released by our tourism ministry yesterday (15 Nov 2021).

Please find below a quick summary. More details will be sent as we continue to update you.

  1. All entry into Langkawi Island is to be via air only, either via KLIA or fly direct into Langkawi (Currently there are no direct flights).
  2. Minimum stay in Langkawi is 3 days.
  3. Travelers who stay in Langkawi for at least 7 days can opt to continue their trip to other destinations in Malaysia - On the 8th day, Travelers are allowed to travel domestically via air or sea+land with the following conditions:

    • RT – PCR covid-19 test is negative on day 8 or 72 hours before leaving Langkawi Island.
    • Travel to areas declared under enhanced movement control order (EMCO) is prohibited.
  4. Travelers are to be fully vaccinated, minimum 14 days after the second vaccination dose or 28 days after one dose depending on the type of vaccine. Vaccines approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health:

    • Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNTech)
    • COVID-19AstraZeneca (Oxford-AstraZeneca)
    • CoronaVac (Sinovac)
    • Convidecia (CanSino)
    • COVID-19Janssen (Johnson&Johnson)
    • Covilo (Sinopharm)
    • Spikevax (Moderna)
    • Sputnik
  5. Children below 18 are allowed to travel together with their parents/guardians, who are fully vaccinated.
  6. The following individuals are not allowed to participate in the International Tourism Bubble Langkawi:

    • Positive for COVID infection 19
    • Close contact to positive cases
    • Individuals subject to a Home Surveillance Order (HSO)
    • Individuals who are subjected to mandatory quarantine
    • Individuals arriving from high-risk countries
    • Travelers who display Covid-19 symptoms
  7. Travelers must have a travel insurance coverage of a minimum of USD 80,000 including coverage for Covid-19 for their full stay in Malaysia.
  8. Travelers in transit at KLIA – 1 at Kuala Lumpur are required to go through various procedures including the downloading of the tracing app (MySejahtera).
  9. It is compulsory to book a travel package for a minimum of three to seven days from a company registered and license under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC).
  10. At the time of this announcement, all Countries are eligible for this travel bubble arrangement EXCEPT for the following high-risk countries:

    • Europe Continent
      • Russian Federation
      • Poland
      • Ukraine
      • Czechia / Czech Republic
      • Romania
      • Georgia
      • Belarus
      • Slovakia
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Guernsey
    • America Continent
      • Martinique
      • Guyana
      • Saint Kits and Nevis
    • Africa Continent
      • Libya

We are ready to welcome you back and please contact us if you need more information.

#malaysiatrulyasia #travelsafe #reopeningsafely

As at 22 October 2021

Dear Partners,

We like to share some good news from Malaysia. This announcement was made last Friday (22 Oct 2021).

Langkawi international tourism travel bubble opens to all countries

Beginning 15th November 2021, Langkawi will be open for International Tourism Bubble as a Pilot Project targeting on long stay visit as well as individuals who had completed the Covid-19 vaccination.

This pilot project in Langkawi would be carried out for three months to enable the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the National Security Council to evaluate its effectiveness before implementing it in other resort islands and tourist areas.

Currently our vaccination rate is already 94.6% of adult population.

To travel on this program each tourist must have

  • minimum insurance coverage of US$ 80,000 (RM320,000),
  • use a tourism service licensed under Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia
  • a passport, visa, health declaration form and letter of undertaking and indemnity, with the documents uploaded to MYSejahtera
  • registered with the MySejahtera application prior to travelling. MySejahtera is a mobile application developed by the Government of Malaysia to facilitate contact tracing efforts in response to the pandemic in Malaysia.

Langkawi Island Malaysia to Welcome International Tourist from 15th November.

We are ready to welcome you back and please contact us if you need more information

#malaysiatrulyasia #travelsafe #reopeningsafely

As at 15 June 2021

Dear Partners,

Malaysia's Movement Control order (MCO 3.0) is extended for another 2 weeks from June 15 to June 28, 2021.
This announcement was made as the daily case numbers still exceeded 4,000.

The permitted and prohibited activities and its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) still remains the same and we shall continue to be working-from-home during this period.

As always, stay safe and keep well.

Our offices will be closed and all our staff will be Working-From-Home during this period.
We can still be contacted via our emails or at our Hotline number: +6012 201 3111.

Get travel advisory updates from the official website in Malaysia:

As at 31 May 2021

The number of positive cases in Malaysia continue to surge and we hit an all-time high of 9,020 cases on 29 May 2021.

Yesterday, our Government has announced that Malaysia will undergo a total lockdown, or the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO), starting from 1st June 2021

And will be implemented in 3 phases.

Tentatively, it is expected to be a 14-day lockdown period (Phase 1) but we can expect an extension until out Covid-19 cases reduce.
During this lockdown all economic and social activities are prohibited (Except for essential service sectors).
Travelling in a vehicle will now be limited to 2 persons (including driver) and restricted to a radius of 10km.


As at 12 May 2021

Due to the recent surge in Covid-19 new cases, the entire nation is put under COVID-19 travel restriction beginning 12 May 2021 until 7 June 2021 following the latest directives by our Malaysian government to stem the rising number of cases in the country.

During the MCO (referred to MCO 3.0), all economic activities would be allowed to continue throughout the country, but interstate and inter-district travel, as well as social activities, events and dining-in at restaurants, are not permitted. The general public is encouraged to continue to stay at home with strict enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the infection.

For any matters, please contact us at +603 2148 9601 or email at

We will keep you advised of news developments and also of any changes.

Get travel advisory updates from the official website in Malaysia:

As at 18 Mar 2021

Vaccination has started since end of Feb and is ongoing for Phase 1 which covers the Frontliners.

Phase 2 will be from April onwards covering senior citizens and the rest of the population will be in Phase 3 from August 2021 onwards.

On 13 Jan 2021, due to the rise of Covid-19 cases nationwide, the entire country was placed under Movement Control Order (MCO), dubbed MCO 2.0, just as it was first implemented in March last year.

This MCO status has been gradually improving, with some states had reverted to the Recovery stage, while some others are now back on Conditional MCO.

All (if not, most) economic sectors are operating as usual, adhering to the new normal and set SOPs.

Currently, 4 states (Selangor, Johor, Kelantan, Penang) & Kuala Lumpur in the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) from 19 to 31 March 2021.

Inter-state travel and international borders are still closed.

Although a Proclamation of Emergency was issued throughout Malaysia from 11 Jan to 01 Aug 2021 due to the threat of Covid-19 pandemic, this Proclamation does not indicate or represent an absolute date that our country’s borders will be closed until 01 Aug. There is still not a specific date being announced for re-opening.

For any matters, please contact us at +603 2148 9601 or email at

We will keep you advised of news developments and also of any changes.

Get travel advisory updates from the official website in Malaysia:

As at 03 Jan, 2021

The Malaysian government today extended the recovery movement control order (RMCO) nationwide until March 31, after it was originally scheduled to end yesterday.

The nationwide RMCO was supposed to end on 31 Dec 2020, while Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah are supposed to be under a conditional movement control order (CMCO) until January 14 due to the high number of cases in these states.
Our international borders will remain closed and all foreign tourists are still not allowed into the country.

We shall continue to keep you posted on new updates


As at 01 Sep, 2020

Despite Malaysia’s admirable efforts in battling the Covid-19 pandemic, the recovery movement control order (RMCO) has been extended to 31 Dec 2020.
The decision to extend the recovery MCO, which was supposed to end on Aug 31, was made as there were still new cases daily in the country.

International borders will still remain closed. Foreign tourists will still not be allowed in to avoid any imported cases into the country.

Other updates

  • Malaysia and Singapore started a travel bubble with its Reciprocal Green Lane project from 17 Aug 2020, for essential and official purposes only.
    Tourism/leisure travels are still not allowed.
  • Effective 07 Sep 2020, long-term pass holders from India, Indonesia and the Philippines will not be allowed into Malaysia due to a spike in Covid-19 cases in those countries.
    This restriction apply to permanent residents, Malaysia My Second Home pass holders, expatriates, spousal visa holders and foreign students

For any matters, please contact us at +603 2148 9601 or email at

We will keep you advised of news developments and also of any changes.

Get travel advisory updates from the official website in Malaysia:

As at 10 June 2020,

The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has ended 09 June 2020, and is now being replaced with the Recovery MCO (RMCO) with more relaxed conditions from 10 June to 31 August 2020.

In this stage, a lot of businesses will finally start to open up and the nation will see a lot more relaxations beginning 10 June. There would be a less controlled movement amongst the citizens, one of it is being able to have interstate travels now. This means that domestic travels are also allowed effectively.

RMCO involves seven strategies, namely:

  1. Strengthening public health
  2. Legislation and enforcement
  3. Strengthening border control
  4. Opening up the economic sector fully
  5. Inculcating the new normal
  6. Empowering community responsibilities
  7. Protecting groups at risk


  1. Interstate travel will be allowed, except for areas under an enhanced movement control order (EMCO).
  2. Training activities for sports teams, and non-contact sports such as bowling, badminton, archery and shooting.
  3. Motorcycle convoys and group bicycle rides.
  4. Schools will be opened in phases, with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Health (Moh) providing further details.
  5. Business operations will return as normal, with adherence to the necessary standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  6. Eid al-Adha and sacrifice rites will be allowed under the SOPs provided by religious authorities. For group prayers and religious activities in mosques and other houses of worship, more people will be allowed into services, with the government to provide guidance on this soon.
  7. Haircuts and beauty treatments at salons.
  8. Open markets, morning markets, night markets, bazaars, food courts, hawker centres, food trucks and food stalls will be allowed.
  9. Commercial activities that involve sales and promotional activities outside of business premises.
  10. Museum visits, indoor busking, self-service laundry facilities, recreational finishing and film shoots.
  11. Meetings and workshops can be done so long as they follow health and safety protocols and optimise space.

Not allowed

  1. Pubs, nightclubs, entertainment centres, reflexology centres, karaoke centres, theme parks, mass religious gatherings, mass social gatherings, open houses and other activities which involve large amounts of people in one place.
  2. Sports competitions or games that require mass gatherings of supporters in stadiums, swimming pools and public swimming pools are still not allowed, with contact sports such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, football, basketball and hockey not allowed as well.
  3. The country’s border will remain closed. Foreign travel entry restrictions for Foreigners.
    1. All foreign nationals, with very limited exceptions, are restricted from entry to Malaysia until August 31st. - Any travellers permitted to enter Malaysia during the RMCO will be subject to COVID-19 testing and a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine at their own expense.
    2. Limited exceptions include holders of Malaysia My Second Home Permits.
    3. Foreign nationals may transit through the international terminals of Malaysian airports as long as they are not required to pass through immigration while in transit.

Even with the relaxed MCO now, we are still advised to continuously remain cautious and stay safe at all times. Businesses are advised to constantly adhere to strict SOPs while individuals are reminded on strict hygiene practices like hand-washing and wearing masks.

For any matters, please contact us at +603 2148 9601 or email at

We will keep you advised of developments and also of any changes.

Covid-19: Current situation in Malaysia (updated daily)

Safe Travels protocols

World Express has completed a self-assessment conducted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), WXP will continually follow the WTTC’s Global Safe Travels Protocols.

Today, we are ready for New Normal to ensure a safe experience and restore confidence to all our customers in four pillars, namely:

  • Operational and Staff Preparedness,
  • Ensuring a Safe Experience,
  • Rebuilding Trust & Confidence and
  • Implementing Enabling Policies.

Message from Executive Director


Dear Partners,

I hope you are doing well and that you and your families are all safe & healthy.

I’d like to first say that our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the pandemic in Malaysia, and around the globe. As we closely monitor the on-going situation, we aim to address the current predicament and the proactive steps we are taking to minimize any negative repercussions to the realization of our duties.

As we enter into the fourth phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) till May 12, 2020 where the Malaysian Government strives to flatten the curve, we stay vigilant in continuing to pursue uninterrupted service to you whilst working remotely from home. Although we constantly share updates on our operations, we are implementing ongoing measures to ensure the welfare and safety of our staff, simultaneously maintaining the highest level of service to you.

It is heartening that of Malaysia’s 5,280 confirmed cases of Covid-19, almost 4,000 have recovered with only (albeit sadly) 99 deaths. While the government is strictly enforcing various measures such as not allowing foreigners to enter the country, for the time being, social distancing, good hygiene practices, and not yet allowing non-essential businesses to re-start, certain limited inter-state movements of Malaysians are being permitted from this week.

Rest assured that we, World Express will persevere and come back strong once the MCO is lifted and travel returns. We shall enforce SOPs following the guidance from the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, and local authorities related to travel, meetings, and events, and we will continue to adjust our SOPs accordingly.

To that end, we know these are unsettling times and whether you & your clients are planning & researching for travel later, we want you to know that safety and welfare are our utmost priority. We thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to keep you updated in our endeavors. As matters progress, we will communicate and continue to tailor our methodology to meet your requirements.

Please stay safe and healthy. #TravelTomorrow

For more information, kindly click on the link below to view the guidelines as set by the Ministry of Health for your reference:

Best Regards
Cherry Lee
29 April 2020


Transfer Services


In our preparations for future passengers, in line with the SOPs set, we will adopt these best practices into our daily operations:

  1. What services will you be providing once tourism activities are allowed?  -->  We will still be providing all transfer services based on private transfers but at a 50% capacity.  
  1. In light of local regulations do you expect your normal vehicle capacity rules to change? If so please indicate:
Product New Max Pax
Sedan  1
Minivan  4  (8-seater) 
Van  6 (12seater) 

* Exemption can be full capacity for family traveling together in a group. 

  1. What additional Health & Safety measures will you be implementing to all vehicles, as standard? (E.g. Driver in mask, vehicle sanitised after service etc.)

A)  Vehicles 

  • All door handles, seats, arm rests, head rests etc... will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes before and after embark/disembark of passengers 
  • Hand sanitizer are made available in all vehicles 
  • No passenger is allowed to be seated at seat in front,  next to driver

B)  Drivers

  • Body temperature is to be taken and recorded daily
  • Wear face mask at all times
  • Sanitize hands frequently,  after handling luggage,  every time after embark/disembark of passengers,  after wiping down of vehicles

C)  Passengers 

  • Wear face mask at all times
  • Drivers will assist to take body temperature of each passengers with an infrared non-contact thermometer, and every passengers details are recorded in a log sheet for easy contact tracing
  • Sanitize hands every time embark/disembark vehicle

D)  Luggage

  • Drivers will assist to wipe down all luggage with disinfectant wipes before loading into vehicle. 


Accommodation Services


We list below the major measures taken by most Malaysian hotels and resorts in re-opening or in anticipation of re-opening.
Not all hotels will follow exactly the same measures but it is a fairly generalized list of precautions taken.

  1. Temperature screening at all entrances; single entry/exit point
  2. Filling up health questionnaires; with health & travel declarations and contact details will be documented
  3. Almost all hotels have barriers at check-in, but if possible, they will ask for quick check-in by providing all data in advance or by checking in online
  4. Provision of hand sanitizers in all public areas
  5. Increased sanitation & disinfection of all surfaces in guest rooms, restaurants and common facilities
  6. Implementation of social distancing practices throughout the Hotel, which includes the wearing of personal protective equipment, and face masks at all times
  7. Revised maximum capacities for elevators, restaurants and other public spaces
  8. Restaurants may offer digital a la carte menus and dining tables are set between one to two meters apart
  9. Buffet meals will not be offered at this moment
  10. Usage of swimming pools, Spa are still prohibited at this moment

Note :
Individual precautionary measures may vary by property.
To know the specific measures of a hotel / resort in particular, please contact us