In our preparations for future passengers, in line with the SOPs set, we will adopt these best practices into our daily operations:

  1. What services will you be providing once tourism activities are allowed?  -->  We will still be providing all transfer services based on private transfers but at a 50% capacity.  
  1. In light of local regulations do you expect your normal vehicle capacity rules to change? If so please indicate:
Product New Max Pax
Sedan  1
Small Minivan  4  (8-seater) 
Large Minivan  6 (12seater) 

* Exemption can be full capacity for family traveling together in a group. 

  1. What additional Health & Safety measures will you be implementing to all vehicles, as standard? (E.g. Driver in mask, vehicle sanitised after service etc.)

A)  Vehicles 

  • All door handles, seats, arm rests,¬†head rests etc... will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes before and after embark/disembark of passengers¬†
  • Hand sanitizer are made available in all vehicles¬†
  • No passenger is allowed to be seated at seat in front,¬† next to driver

B)  Drivers

  • Body temperature is to be taken and recorded daily
  • Wear face mask at all times
  • Sanitize hands frequently,¬† after handling luggage,¬† every time after embark/disembark of passengers,¬† after wiping down of vehicles

C)  Passengers 

  • Wear face mask at all times
  • Drivers will assist to take body temperature of each passengers with an infrared non-contact thermometer, and every passengers details are recorded in a log sheet for easy contact tracing
  • Sanitize hands every time embark/disembark vehicle

D)  Luggage

  • Drivers will assist to wipe down all luggage with disinfectant wipes before loading into vehicle.¬†

We provide a complete range of modern vehicles ranging from limousines to deluxe coaches for all ground transportation requirements.