Destination Management Company (DMC) Malaysia


Welcome to the World of World Express.
A world of travel and tourism. A world of discovery, experiences, and dreams realized. A world of global and local partnerships. A world of friendship, fun, and excitement.

Since our founding in 1969, World Express has actively participated in the growth of the travel and tourism industry in Singapore. By listening carefully to our clients and consistently delivering a high quality of service, World Express has evolved into an industry leader in Destination Management.

In its 50 year history, World Express Tours Malaysia (WXP) has successfully handled the needs of tourists in Malaysia as well as organized the arrangements for various international and regional conferences and meetings.

Began in Penang, it has since expanded its scope over the whole of Malaysia and establishes its head office in Kuala Lumpur while maintaining the Penang office as a branch.

Presently, its client profile includes major outbound tour operators from Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, India, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East countries.

The Elite Who Brings Us All Together

Group President
Tunku Iskandar

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to World Express Malaysia. Since our establishment in 1969, World Express has played a major role in the promotion of travel and tourism in Malaysia and Singapore, providing destination management services to our customers from the world over.

Our philosophy is to provide innovation and creativity and maintain a consistent quality of service to our customers.

This essential business philosophy has ensured that our customers have a long and satisfying relationship with us. Employing these qualities has enabled us to attain and retain leadership in all the sectors that we are involved in.

We hope that you will place your trust in our services and in the hands of our people.

Executive Director
Ms. Cherry Lee

For World Express quality means providing a standard of service which will bring satisfaction to its customers. This is to be achieved through reliable, prompt, consistent, attentive and friendly services.

In pursuit of quality, we place an importance in cultivating dedicated employees, practice a 'preventive' approach in the governance of its business operations so as to mitigate all possible shortcomings and continuously strive to produce qualitative results.

To achieve these objectives, it is our culture to maintain an effective value system based on the Quality Standards of the ISO 9001:2015.

These fundamental bricks is the foundation to ensure successful operations of our daily business.



To Lead by Example - An exemplary destination management company to spearhead the inbound and outbound travel industry with best practices and cement our brand in the minds of our partners, our clients, and the travelers the world over.

Constantly strive to increase productivity without sacrificing quality and to ensure that improvements on the quality of outputs are constantly pursued.

Outstanding Service

Clients and Customers Satisfaction 
Professional & Committed Team Members
Transparency & Honesty in our Business Dealings
Sustainable Business Practices
Proficiency & Efficiency in Work Processes
Create a Thriving Working Environment
Technologically Driven

Cherry Lee as
Executive Director


Meet the team behind the magic, with shared values, diverse expertise, and tenure of experience to keep the show running.

Melissa Chow as
Associate General Manager

Su Ann Kung as
Operations Manager

Nizam Baba as
E-Commerce Development Manager



Our Strengths

At this day, WXP stands as one of the leading inbound and domestic tourism companies in Malaysia. Its success lies primarily in its ability to provide inputs when necessary, listen with understanding and accomplish the requirements of its clients coupled with the fact that it does fully understand the destination and tourism industry. This is further enhanced by WXP’s established supplier network within the country, which has been patiently built over the many years of its existence. The strong rapport that WXP has with its suppliers has been based on the merits of long acquaintances, unceasing attention and unwavering trust.

Our Dedication

WXP shares in the dedication of its clients in attaining their objectives and goals. To this end, WXP’s workforce is not only a hardworking lot but the company ensures that it keeps itself abreast with the ever-changing market environment. Creativity and innovation have become by words of WXP’s services.

Our Quality Assurance

World Express has chosen to be guided in its business pursuits by the principle of Total Quality Management. We have consistently maintained and upheld our high level of service for almost two decades, with a commitment to excellence.