To meet the opportunities of the MICE industry in the new millennium, World Express Malaysia has established a subsidiary - Integrated Meetings Specialist Sdn Bhd (IMS).

World Express Malaysia (WXP), a Melewar Group company and is a key member of the group's leisure and tourism division. Since its establishment in 1969, WXP has played a major role in the promotion of travel and tourism in Malaysia, providing destination management services to our customers from the world over.

IMS is well experienced and positioned in providing you with Conference Management Services. We have put together a team which would provide you the services covering all aspects of the event's requirement. IMS serves to relieve the logistical aspects of the work from the organisers so that you could concentrate on charting the strategic direction for the event. The success factors for any event would rest on the quality of the programme, the profile of its speakers, the marketing strategies applied and the value added package it offers. These are crucial decisions to be made by the organisers. We would work closely with the organisers to set all the milestones for the event.

What do we do?

A conference organiser is one that gets involved with the conference from the day when the committee is formed till the day when the same committee is dissolved after the completion of the conference. Our role and our responsibilities do not merely include logistical co-ordination but consultative value-add to our clients in the planning process. Our advice would lead to eventual cost savings and efficient execution of the conference.


Upon confirmation by our client, IMS will provide our client with an inquiry address and contact number for the conference. IMS will handles all day to day inquires and follow up with information request.

  • IMS will also co-ordinate all organising committee update meetings. The key role of IMS at this stage is setting the concrete directions for the organising committee. IMS is only the secretariat of main EXCO committee. The various sub-committees are required to appoint their own secretariat and update IMS and the main EXCO committee on the developments.
  • Upon understanding the full requirements of the conference, we will prepare a Budget and Work Plan for the event. The Budget will reflect the expected revenues and expenses, third party costs, venue costs, F&B costs, etc. The Work Plan will reflect the tasks that need to be carried out, the time frame in which to achieve them, and the parties responsible for each of these tasks specified. The budget will guide the committee in most of their major decisions in executing the Conference.
  • IMS, with the organizing committee, will review and revise the Budget and Work Plan from time to time. A copy of each revision will be forwarded to the client.

Venue Selection

IMS will, together with the clients (where required) conduct site inspections of selected venues. IMS will follow up with these venues and obtain proposals from these venues. Upon submission of proposals by all venues inspected, IMS will prepare a cost comparison and feasibility studies of the various venues and proposes a recommended venue to the client. This cost comparison and feasibility study will be reviewed with the clients.

  • Together with the client, IMS will select the preferred venue and if necessary, re-negotiate to obtain the desired pricing. IMS will review the revised proposals from the preferred venues and obtain the client's acceptance of the proposal.
  • IMS will coordinate with the selected venue on the contract/agreement, and arrange for the execution of the contract.


IMS will conduct site inspections of selected accommodation venues with the clients (where required). IMS will coordinate and obtain proposals from these accommodation venues. IMS will prepare a cost comparison and feasibility studies of the various accommodation venues and proposes the recommended accommodation venue(s) to the client.

  • Together with the client, IMS will review the accommodation venues' proposals with the client. If necessary, IMS will re-negotiate to obtain the desired pricing and allotment.
  • IMS will review the revised proposals from preferred accommodation venue(s) and obtain the client's acceptance of the proposal.
  • IMS will coordinate with the selected venue(s) on the contract/agreement, and arrange for the execution of the contract.
  • IMS will be responsible for liaising and co-ordinating with accommodation venue(s) on rooming lists, delegates' requirements, etc. up to the actual event day.

Database / Mailing Lists

Every conference rests on the foundation of a sound and updated database. As conferences mature from year to year, their database increases in size. Only well managed database will add value to the growth of the conferences.

  • The client is responsible for providing the database and mailing lists for carrying out the marketing plan or for the dispatch of flyers. Should it become necessary for IMS carry out data entry work, it will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Marketing & Publicity

Marketing ensures that the conference is made known to the selected audiences. The organizing committee would have to work with IMS to conceive a marketing plan that would be incorporated into the Work Plan.

  • IMS would be responsible to coordinate with the designer to produce the concepts for the necessary announcements. These announcements could be in the form of post cards, 4 pages leaflet or a 16 pages full detailed final program handbook. We will also be responsible to coordinate the printing schedule of the announcement.
  • Once printed, IMS will manage the coordination with the mailing houses (where required), mailing of flyers, entertaining inquiries, sourcing of designers, mass fax companies, publications, etc.
  • In creating further publicity for the conference, IMS will advise the client on appropriate use of press conferences and other media related events. Should the client require further assistance in writing press releases and press related articles, IMS could arrange the documents with a fee. Exclusive interviews could also be arranged at appropriate situations.

Speakers' Requirements

After the confirmation of the program structure set by the organizing committee, IMS will proceed to coordinate the speakers' arrangement. IMS will communicate with the speakers on their various requirements.

  • IMS will coordinate with the speakers to seek for their personal bio data, photograph, synopsis, full paper presentation and so forth. We will also extend the official invitation for the speakers.
  • IMS will liaise and coordinate with the AV supplier on the various technical requirements.


IMS will liaise with the appointed exhibition booth contractor from the beginning to create the necessary floor plan for the exhibition venue. We will be responsible for liaising with the design house/stationers on the production of the exhibition sales kit. The Exhibition Committee will provide IMS with a list of potential exhibitors. IMS will dispatch these invitation letters to the potential exhibitors (where required).

  • Upon confirmation made by the exhibitors, IMS will prepare the Exhibitor's Manual with all the information needed to set up the exhibition at the conference. This Manual will be given to all confirmed Exhibitors.
  • IMS will communicate with the Exhibitors on their requirements.
  • IMS will supervise the set up and the tear down of the exhibitions.

Web Page / Internet

A dedicated web page can be developed for the event. This web site will allow the delegates to register on line with all the necessary information made available for them to refer to.

  • IMS will create the initial concept for the conference web site.
  • The web site will include conference welcome messages, conference themes, conference program, pre post tours, registration forms, abstract submission forms, payment forms, etc.
  • The site will be updated from time to time.

Registration (Prior to Event & On-Site)

IMS web based registration system allows our clients to have the ability to review the latest registration status, the payment modes and all necessary information to make better decisions in critical situations.
Our partner, CalendarONE is a versatile web-based solution that is customised to suit organisations and associations to manage their conferences and conventions more efficiently and effectively. CalendarOne allows all conference delegates to register online, manage abstract and paper submissions, facilitate online payment, generation of online reports and create a fresh avenue to market the event to the targeted conference audience. CalendarONE has allowed us to compete more effectively on the web for our delegate's attention.

  • IMS will prepare a draft registration form for the client's approval.
  • Internet Registration:
    Using the IMS Registration System, registration can be made on-line. This is made possible by hyperlinking the client's web page to our main IMS registration system.
  • IMS is responsible for the production and dispatch of confirmation letters/faxes to all delegates. (Fax and communication costs are third party costs).
  • On a regular basis, at fixed intervals agreed between IMS and the Clients, the following reports will be forwarded to the clients:
  • Participants Financial Report
    This report shows the financial status of each participant i.e. who have paid, who have not paid, etc.
  • Participants Statistics
    This report shows the number of delegates from each country.
  • Events Statistics
    This report records the registration to date according to the categories e.g. early bird, "regular", scholarship, press, etc.
  • IMS will manage the debt/deficit accounts. Delegates who have not paid will be sent reminder letters and will not be allowed entry to the conference unless full payment is made.
  • IMS is responsible for the on-site registration of delegates. This includes the distribution of registration kits, conference folders, gifts etc.
  • IMS will be responsible for the on-site set up of the registration counters, IT requirements, etc. The construction (if required) of special registration booths and procurement of additional computers/technical equipment for registration are not included in IMS conference management fees.

Based on the event statistics, we would advice our clients on the number of conference bags to purchase for the event. We coordinate the packing of the delegates bags which includes coordinating with the suppliers on the delivery of these items, packing, storage and delivering them to the conference venue at the appropriate time.

Conference Onsite Management

IMS manages all conference on site requirements. We provide sufficient staff to man on site registration. We will coordinate the on site cashier & credit card facilities. We ensure all directional signs and main banners are in order. We also ensure conference venue requirements are met. We coordinate all meal requirements for the event, manage VIP reception with appropriate protocol, man the speakers' ready room and all other necessary requirements.

Social Events / Programme

Working closely with its parent company, World Express Malaysia, IMS will manage and oversee the social tours & programs. We will provide the logistical support necessary for the social events & program. The social events would include the conference gala dinner, welcome reception, lunches and tea breaks. The social tours would include the accompanying persons' tours, city tours, pre/post conference tours etc. Because of our wide involvement in the travel industry, we have the necessary backup and key contacts in the industry to ensure a successful delivery of services for our clients.

Post-mortem / Closing of Accounts

Within 30 days after the conference, IMS will prepare a preliminary summary of accounts and post-mortem report for discussion with the clients. Two months upon completion of the event, IMS will prepare a final summary of accounts and post-mortem report for presentation to the clients.

The following reports will accompany the final report to the clients.

  • List of Participants.
  • List of Exhibitors.
  • List of Sponsors.
  • Breakdown of Participants (by countries, categories, companies).
  • Participant Financial Summary.
  • Event Statistics.
  • Upon final submission of reports to the clients, the accounts relating to the event will be closed, signifying the conclusion of the event.

Others / Miscellaneous

IMS is responsible for the management of the gifts, conference folders, conference kits, etc. We will procure these items upon consultation with and approval from the clients.

Our Proposed Job Scope

Our Conference Management Services shall include conference secretariat operations, speakers' management and coordination, on-site management, hotel accommodation administration, marketing and publicity, registration management, tour operator services and exhibition management services as follows:

Conference Secretariat Operations

  • Provides an inquiry address and contact number for the event.
  • Handles all day to day inquires.
  • Follow up with information request.
  • Manage pre conference registrations.
  • Ensure confirmation letters are sent out to all paid delegates.
  • Ensure conference registration fees are made appropriately.
  • Obtain necessary permits, licences & insurance coverage.

Speakers' Management

  • Manage event programme.
  • Coordinate speakers invitation.
  • Collate all speakers' requirements.
  • Manage speakers' presentation papers.

On Site Management

  • Provision of a floor manager.
  • Hiring and supervision of adequate PCO support staff.
  • Coordination of the operations of the on-site staff.
  • Coordination of preview room(s) for speakers.
  • Coordination and supervision of session halls.
  • Coordination of supporting facilities provided by the Conference venue.
  • Regular updating of the Client with computerised data.
  • Procurement of technical equipment.
  • Preparation and procurement of decorations and signs.
  • Recruitment of temporary staff such as AV technicians, interpreters, etc.
  • Liaison with suppliers and supervision of arrangements for welcome formalities, dinner reception, opening and closing ceremonies.

Hotel Accommodation Administration

  • Coordination of hotel bookings.
  • Allocation of rooms to participants, exhibitors and invited speakers.
  • Liaison with participants, dispatch of booking confirmation and administration of changes to hotel room bookings.

Marketing and Publicity

  • Coordinate concepts and designs and marketing collateral.
  • Coordinate mailing and distribution of flyers, etc
  • Respond to enquiries.
  • Coordinate press conference and other media related events.

Registration Management

  • Preparation of participant registration forms.
  • Receipt of participant registration forms and payments.
  • Screening and registration of forms.
  • Dispatch of confirmation letters as part of budgeted item.
  • Accounting of expenditure, invoicing and receipt of other payments.
  • Production of individual documents, tickets and name badges.
  • Preparation and distribution of Conference materials, participant kits, name badges.
  • On-site registration of walk-in participants and accompanying persons.
  • Provision of assistance to participants in applications for visas.
  • Communication with participants on changes, special requests, etc.
  • Manage on site registration counters.
  • Provide sufficient staff to man on site registration.
  • Provide on site cashier & credit card facilities.
  • Post conference follow-up action such as settling of outstanding accounts, cancellations, refunds and reconciliation of participant accounts.

Tour Operator Services

  • Organise travel arrangements.
  • Organise pre and post conference tours.
  • Organise dinner and special events as necessary.
  • Provide ground transfers.
  • Provide ticketing reservation and reconfirmation of flights.

Exhibition Management Services

  • Follow up on initial sales contacts of the organising committee's potential exhibitors.
  • Preparation of application forms and order forms for auxiliary services.
  • Preparation of floor plans, allocation of stands together with the organising committee.
  • Invoicing of exhibitors.
  • To arrange subcontractors to handle customs service, transportation, cleaning, etc.
  • Forwarding of full package of information to exhibitors
  • Supervision of build up.
  • Preparation of exhibitor's guide.
  • Overview of financial status.