Village Tour
Tour features Beserah, a small fishing village where time-honored methods of salting fish are still being deployed. Located ten kilometers north of Kuantan, Beserah is also known as a centre for local handicrafts such as batik and wood-carving. Visit the Pandanus Weaving Centre and see this village ladies weave mats and bags out of straw. Other interests in the village include kite flying, top spinning, and watching monkeys gather ripe coconuts.

Lake Chini Tour
Lake Chini remains an attraction for nature lovers with an adventurous spirit. It's located 90km Southwest of Kuantan, in wilds surrounded by mountains. Lake Chini is accessible by a 40-minute boat (sampan) ride under tropical trees lining the narrow and winding river. When in season, an added bonus is the startling beauty of pink lotuses in full bloom. A visit to the Orang Asli settlement will enlighten you of their traditional way of hunting by use of blow-pipes.

Pekan Tour
46 km south of Kuantan, situated on the banks near the mouth of the Pahang River, is the Royal Town of Pekan. Find tradition and culture in its surroundings and visit the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum-a treasure of historical artifacts, antiques, and the best collection of Malay weapons (keris) around. View the Royal stables, the polo grounds, the Grand State Mosque (converted from an old steam engine), and the Royal Mausoleum. Visit Keladi Village to see silk-weaving by way of hand-looms.

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